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You have a vision 

We train your team to be successful  

On AirTrain you can setup and run practice focused training programs, ranging from employee onboarding to leadership training, at a price of only 90 EUR per participant per month.

Trusted by Founders and HR Teams:

Building a business means building a team 

When businesses change, Teams need support. Through practice focused trainings, that you can adapt to your companies specific challenges, you set your team up for success.    

Our training platform fuses technology, learning sciences and experienced trainers to support your Team’s success. 

Focus on increasing productivity and team effectiveness in hybrid and remote teams

Get more done

Engage people in short, focused sprints at the length of a meeting

Short and effective

Reduce training time by blending facilitated live sessions and study groups and self-directed learning 

Formats that work

Measure learning impact through continuous micro-surveys.

Know what works

The team training platform 

First Time Leader Training

16 weeks, 1 hour per week 

Developed with leading start-ups, our training is meant for first time leaders. The training establishes shared expectations on performance, a shared language for project delivery, and shared values among team and team lead.

Team Refresher Training

4 weeks, 1 hr per week

Get newly formed teams ready to collaborate and perform. Enables teams to leverage personal strength, maintain motivation and run effective meetings.


16 weeks, 1 hour per week 

Accelerate new employees’ journey  to productive team member without straining team resources. Establish basic team skills, convey in-depth knowledge of your company, and support talent in career planning.

Policy & Compliance trainings

1 - 3 hours

Choose from a range of mandatory trainings such as Data Protection and Data Security, delivered by topical experts to create awareness and compliance in your team. 

Purpose and Value Workshop

3 hours

A team aligned on a common purpose can take ownership and  autonomously innovate. It’s the basis for a motivated, passionate and productive team.   


1 hour

Find a speaker that inspires your team, instill hope in times of uncertainty and motivate to act. Select from a range of topical experts and people whose life embodies outstanding values.

A curated selection of ready to run, customizable trainings 

Use Cases

Easily copy and customize best-in-class trainings to your team’s culture and business model  

Seamlessly integrated with the most popular tools 

AirTrain’s Method

Training science that goes far beyond ineffective front-of-class lecturing 

mix of formats

for the most effective

experience practical skills that can be immediately applied

sessions, no longer than a meeting, that integrate seamlessly into a work day

fun and social formats that make learning engaging and impactful

Customize pre-existing
courses to your company or build your own in minutes

Altice Arena & FIL, Lisbon

November 1-4 2022

Looking forward to Web Summit!

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