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How long is a Development path?

Our trainings are designed with high impact, low time commitment in mind. As your team's development needs determine the schedule, they can last between 4 and 8 weeks. 

How often do trainees train? 

Expect teams to invest 1h per week on learning and practicing new skills. All application is geared towards being used in their everyday, so no additional time is “Edit Text” to customize this theme across your site. You can update and reuse text themes.

Can a trainee participate in multiple trainings at the same time?

Each trainee can’t be enrolled in more than one training at a time, as we’ve found overtraining to be ineffective. 

Who manages the participants?

Each training is managed by your HR administrator who can schedule, change content and manage users. 

Who will hold live training sessions? 

Live sessions are run by our expert trainers, while other learning elements such as study groups, assignments and pre-reads rely on your team to facilitate.

Can I customize the content of a training? 

Yes! All training content is fully customizable, except the standardized surveys employed to measure training effectiveness.

Does each learner require a membership or can  learners be switched?

Each learner requires their own unique membership. This also enables you to track progress and effectiveness.

What can I do if I want a training but do not have 8 people?

You can always book 8 memberships and not use all the seats. At the very competitive price we are offering, we sadly cannot provide training for smaller pools.

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