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Focused on team effectiveness rather than individual development
20 times cheaper than hiring a consultant
easy to set up and scalable to HR needs
all trainings assisted by our experts
based on the latest learning science
compact learning overview & success monitoring

The smartest way to preserve and develop the skills, values and processes essential to your organization. With fully customizable trainings run by our world-class experts. 

Used by great companies like
  • Leading as coaching - how to lead and develop your team when you don’t have (all) the answers - ex. Team lifecycle, Grow Model, Building relationships

  • Setting Ambitious Goals - how to formulate goals and create accountability

  • Achieving Ambitious Goals - how to prioritise, focus, and commitment

  • Leadership module: Priorities & Resources, how to utilize what you have for maximum impact

  • Staying on Track - managing team’s scope and flexibility

Length: 8 weeks
Total development time: 560 min 
Levering Team Challenges

Team and Leader Module

Leader Module

  • Leadership: Managing External Forces - how to handle external stakeholder in an ever-changing environment.

  • Trust - maintaining the environment for peak performance

  • Growing Together - giving feedback and helping each other develop

  • Leadership module: Leading as coaching - how to lead and develop your team when you don’t have (all) the answers - ex. Team lifecylce, Grow Model, Building relationships

  • Constructive Problem-Solving - leveraging diverse opinions for team success

Length: 8 weeks
Total development time: 600 min
Become An Effective Team

Team and Leader Module

Leader Module 

  • Manage for Team effectiveness - how to lead your teams based on values and strength

  • Bring your best self - leverage your strength and work with your weaknesses

  • Maintaining peak performance - Know your values, access motivation, and develop your resilience

  • Work more effectively - tools to manage your productivity, energy, and focus​

Length: 4 weeks
Total development time: 280 min 
Become A Better Team Player

Team and Leader Module

Leader Module

Our methodology is based on training science!

Airtrain drives results by developing your talent just 1 hour per week.
Airtrain’s developmental methodology goes far beyond ineffective front-of-class lecturing. 
Each training journey uses a mix of formats for the most effective experience.  


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About us 


Airtrain is every team's Virtual Academy.
Founders Max, Daniel and Lenny all experienced first hand the importance of organization health in their previous ventures.

Unhappy with the costly, cumbersome and ineffective trainings delivered by corporate trainer, they started Airtrain. 


Airtrain's purpose is to increase job security and job satisfaction by training talent in how to come together as a team. 

Fully Flexible Monthly Subscription per Trainee

Our starting offer:


per trainee / month

Each training requires a minimum of 8 participants.


How long is a training?

Our trainings are designed with high impact, low time commitment in mind. As your team's development needs determine the schedule, they can last between 4 and 8 weeks. 

How often do trainees train? 

Add paragraph text. CliExpect teams to invest 1h per week on learning and practicing new skills. All application is geared towards being used in their everyday, so no additional time is “Edit Text” to customize this theme across your site. You can update and reuse text themes.

Can a trainee participate in multiple trainings at the same time?

Each trainee can’t be enrolled in more than one training at a time, as we’ve found overtraining to be ineffective. 

Who manages the participants?

Each training is managed by your HR administrator who can schedule, change content and manage users. 

Who will hold live training sessions? 

Live sessions are run by our expert trainers, while other learning elements such as study groups, assignments and pre-reads rely on your team to facilitate.

Can I customize the content of a training? 

Yes! All training content is fully customizable, except the standardized surveys employed to measure training effectiveness.

Does each learner require a membership or can  learners be switched?

Each learner requires their own unique membership. This also enables you to track progress and effectiveness.

What can I do if I want a training but do not have 8 people?

You can always book 8 memberships and not use all the seats. At the very competitive price we are offering, we sadly cannot provide training for smaller pools.

Single login access for trainees ...

…with most of today’s popular tools seamlessly integrated. 


Start with the Core:

The High Performance Team and Entry Level Leadership program

Traditional Leadership Programs are flawed: they only train leaders, not their teams. 


We develop entry-Level leadership and their teams together. 


The program creates shared expectations on performance, a shared language for collaboration and trains concepts in a work-like setting.

Your virtual academy to develop successful teams

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